The effects of criminal damage and damage caused by research on third parties


  • Hosein Oghbaee



Objective: Biomedical research and the health sciences are a key element to improve the quality and life expectancy of the citizens and to improve their well-being, which has substantially changed, both methodologically as well as conceptually in the last years. Methodology: The appearance of new analytic tools has led to great discoveries which allow us to foster reasonable hopes on the treatment and even the cure in a not very distant future of pathologies which are not capable of being dealt with at present. The incidence of serious misconduct in research, which will be referred, is the clear evidence of attention the widespread to the issue of ethics in research. In fact, ((protection of human subjects in biomedical research)) is prime mover in initiating and maintaining attention to the issue of ethics in research. Results: The purpose of this research is to try to examined the criminal aspects of this phase of the research (research on humans), Ie criminal liability arising from injury or damage to in the investigation of third parties, patients and participants will be entered explored, and on the one hand look at the criminalization and dos and don'ts that pursuant to the rules of international conventions in this field and in order to dealt with protect the rights of the subjects. Conclusion: The respective results of the experiments and research, can be very beneficial for mankind the growth and development of the science of genetics and biotechnological provide route to prevention and treatment of diseases.