Green architecture is a path to sustainable architecture with a social approach


  • Siamak Pordel Maragheh
  • Mina Lotfi Azar
  • Farnaz Alipoor Mollabashi



Objective: Negative effects of modern technology on the environment led to create a new awareness of environmental issues in the individuals. Methodology: Achieve "sustainable development" involves rational utilization of natural resources, a fundamental shift in attitude and appeal of human nature is serious in production and consumption patterns. "Sustainable Architecture" or "green architecture" phenomenon, which is now in most countries of the world, and by many architects, with different views to be considered. Results: In the global movement towards sustainable development, architecture and definitely one of the key factors will be strategy, because the main buildings, the widest and most lasting changes that humans have created on earth, and as the strengths and weaknesses of a building on the world's ecosystems will have a direct impact, very sensitive task in this regard is their responsibility. Conclusion: In this article we try to choose this theme and examination of projects built, according to the principles of green architecture part of an effort to transform the gray world to green path in the future.