Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards among Silk Road Countries: China, Indonesia, and Iran


  • Arash Izadi Koguan Law School, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • Rachmi Dzikrina University of Toronto,




This paper examines arbitration law of each state relating to foreign awards enforcement among Silk Road Countries. It aims to familiarize foreign lawyers with law and regulations among Silk Road Countries, specifically China, Indonesia, and Iran. Methodology: It first identifies enforceability of international awards under the New York Convention by considering its major role in delivering uniform legislative standards for court recognition and enforcement of foreign and non – domestic awards.  Results: The results demonstrate that those countries take distinctive approach in enforcing foreign award, but basically they consider similar grounds for refusing the enforcement of foreign award.  Conclusion: It is also found that certain state has more comprehensive rules than the other country, but essentially each state has shown its effort to advance or improve its arbitration law in order to support the enforcement of foreign award in its territory. 


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