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In article on a methodological basis a lot of aspect systems are considered structure discourse systems, its differences from system-structural (paradigmatic) system and the new concept isosign for a graphic designation of relevant components of speech dialogue as systems of a special kind is entered. Methodology: In the artistic image isolated and developed proposals for the following image situational pragmatic system (SPS) methods Results: Due to the fact that literature reflects life as the process of speech communication, especially its prologue is reflected in it. The disclosure of the prologue the author gives his interpretation of some facts peculiar to the communicants. On the basis of the speech of one device opens properties of speech of the second device. Conclusion: Ten of these methods can be applied in this direction. In many cases, the use of - or method is usually considered the specificity of the creative method of the author. Therefore, the form of presentation of artistic images verbal communication (VC) can be divided into 8 types.


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