Exploring World defiance as the foundation of asceticthinking in Nasir khosrow’s and Sanaie’s poetry


  • AbulGhasim Amir Ahmadi Sabzevar Branch, Islamic Azad University
  • Saied Roozbahani Sabzevar Branch, Islamic Azad University




Asceticism and world defiance have always been one of the most important and yet key themes that have been vigorously followed by those committed poets and mystics entitled as the ‘pioneers of committed literature’ in the literary history of Iran. Methodology: Meanwhile, worldviews pertained to material life has been different in various historical and political arenas so that world defiance has on occasion been intermingled with world alliance in which enjoying worldly life has also been the center. Results: Such outlook is certainly perceived through Nasir Khosrwo’s and Sanaie’s ascetic thoughts. Conclusion: Absolutely, religious thoughts have in all probability been in action in promoting such considerations. In this article, the authors have tried to comparatively depict such world defiance and world loathingviews in Nasir Khosrow and Sanaie. 


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