Social Media Usage: Positive and Negative Effects on the Life Style of Indian Youth


  • Monica Munjial Singh University Institute of Emerging Areas in Social Science
  • Mohammad Amiri University Institute of Emerging Areas in Social Science
  • Sherry Sabbarwal University Institute of Emerging Areas in Social Science



Utilization of social media is an integral part of Indian youth today. Over utilization of social media, has captured the attention of youth entirely. The dependency of youths on the social media has reached at such level that, without social media, every young person cannot think about the direction of their growth. Dependency of youth on social media is now leading to addiction. Methodology: Through the several studies, it is widely accepted that over utilization of social media has profound negative influence on the Indian youth. Simultaneously, social media have also some positive effects on the life of youth. This study highlights the main purposes of utilizing social media by the youth, and attempt has been made to find out the time spent on browsing social networking sites by the youth. Results: The result of study shows that, over utilization of social media leads youth towards addiction. Conclusion: This study.


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