The Study of the financial effects of divorce on Iran's Law


  • Mohammad Reza Marandi Islamic Azad University, Garmi Branch
  • Mojtaba Rahmani Islamic Azad University, Garmi Branch



Cancellation of contract primarily causes the loss of all relations arising from it, but in the case of married couples, the financial relations continue in cases even after the cancellation. Methodology: This article evaluates the financial impact of divorce in Iranian law with library method. Of the Law Concerning divorce reform enacted in 1992, it obliges the man who is seeking a divorce to pay financial rights of women included the wages, Nahla, and up to half of the assets, inheritance, alimony and mahr and dowry. Results: Nahla is establishing rights that were entered Iranian law by the law amending the provisions of the divorce. However, in accordance with Article (336) of the Civil Code, nothing is unpaid, but obligation of man to pay the works of women at home is subject to conditions in the year 1992. Conclusion: In the absence of financial condition during the marriage, the wage should be calculated based on the work that women do at home of the husband. 


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