The Role of Scientific Police in Substantiation Reasons of Claim based on Islamic Penal code


  • Mohammad Reza Ebrahimi Nasab Electronic Branch, Islamic Azad University
  • Iraj Goldouzian Tehran University
  • Mohammad Ali Imam Hadi Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences



In criminal law, we are dealing with two types of reasons. The legal reason which is categorized as the confession, martyrdom and etc. and the scientific reason which is used as a preparation tool by scientific police and examples such that. Therefore, the role of scientific police can be studied only through law. Methodology: Scientific police, who is defined as a structure, organization and method to prove the reason with its concept in discovery of crime system, can be treated as discovery of crime tool and for reason analysis in one situation and as substantiation reason within discovery of crime in another situation. Results: However, this research is a descriptive and analytical study which is based on the opinions of the lawyers and internal laws and regulations and the author has attempted to investigate the substantive articles of the approval substantiation reasons in the new Islamic Penal Code and also has investigated those effective matters in the Code of Criminal Procedure which have been taken into consideration in this direction. Conclusion: It should be stated that all the hypotheses of this research have been confirmed.


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