Iranian EFL Teachers' Opinions Regarding Language Learning and Teaching: Changes with Their Growth in Experience


  • Afsaneh Khorrami Master's degree in English, Islamic Azad University, Torbet Heydarieh branch, Torbet Heydarieh, Iran



Teachers’ beliefs play significant roles in various dimensions of teachers’ activities in the classroom and on students’ lives. The current study aimed to examine teachers’ opinions regarding language teaching and learning and their change through the passage of five years. From 1000 EFL teachers, estimated as the population, 278 EFL teachers are chosen as the participants. To measure the level of change, the researcher modified the perspectives as regard to language learning and teaching inventory (BALLATI) and asked the participants to respond.  Based on the gathered data through google forms and the distributed questionnaires, the demographic information acquired from the participants, the level of difference based on their gender, academic degree, and their major were also measured. The results of data analysis demonstrated that there stood a substantial difference among teachers’ opinions of five years ago and their present beliefs about language teaching and learning. Moreover, regarding teachers’ gender, degree and major, no substantial difference between their beliefs from five years ago up to now were observed. The results may be fruitful for authorities of teacher training centers who need to know that the pre-services and new teachers' beliefs toward language learning and teaching is an effective issue in their future career progression and they may be the subject of change based on their growth in experience.