Critical Discourse Analysis of Opression in ''To Kill a Mockingbird''


  • Salih Al-Mamoory
  • Masoumah Abathar Witwit


Race from a social functional perspective has been used as a legitimation ideological tool to oppress a specific social group and to deny their access to social, political, cultural, material, work, welfare services and housing This study is concerned with the ideology of ''oppression of Black people'' in Harper Lee 's novel ''To Kill a Mockingbird''. It aims to discover how the novelist presents the ideology of oppression of the black people in South America. A number of speeches by the main characters are analyzed. (Fairclough, 1989) three- dimensional framework is adopted. The study comes out that Harper Lee presents the ideology of oppression at three levels, namely; the description, interpretation, and the explanation levels.This study is of significance for other studies that deals with racism and how it has been represented in novels.