Designing and implementing a 3D printer using a microcontroller and evaluating its performance on ABS and PLA materials


  • Hamzah Ali Alkhazaleh College of Engineering and IT, University of Dubai, Academic City, 14143, Dubai, UAE
  • Hassan Bediar Hashim Middle Technical University, Iraq-Baghdad



Three-dimensional (3D) printing is one of the rapid modeling methods which has revolutionized the prototyping industry. 3D printers change thin layers of materials into 3D objects. These printers use a variety of techniques and materials. Still, all of them are capable of converting digital files containing 3D digital data, that is generated by 3D modeling software, into physical objects. These printers are used for various purposes. In this research, a new 3D printer using a micro controller is designed and implemented. To evaluate the performance of the printer on acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) material and polylactic acid, samples of specific sizes were produced. Then size of the produced samples was measured and the effect of temperature and speed changes on their length, width, thickness, and quality of surface were investigated. Finally, diagrams of size and quality variation towards temperature and speed changes determined the ideal temperature and speed for the two mentioned materials.