High Resolution Biosensor with Simultaneous Detection of Two Refractive Index Sample in Optical Microstructure


  • Mojtaba Hosseinzadeh Sani
  • Parisa Sami
  • Chao Shen
  • Hadi Behzadnia


In this work, a biosensor is designed with simultaneous detection of cancer cell and diabetes cell in all-optical microstructure. Hexagonal photonic crystal with silicon rods are placed in the air bed with a refractive index of n0 = 2.64. In the proposed structure, from two nonlinear cavities have been used to place the samples in those cavities. The main operation is to detection diseases by the refractive index of the samples. Detection of Samples have been performed at central wavelength λ = 1550 nm. The percentage of transmission power is between 91% and 100%. The total two dimensional of ​​the biosensor is 61.56 µm2. The sensitivity range is between S = 3080 nm / RIU and 1294 nm / RIU. The Figure of Mertie (FOM) at best is FOM = 1550.11 ± 150.11 RIU-1 and Detection range is 31×10-6 RIU. Detection of the disease through two nanocavities simultaneously (blood and tear samples) is one of the important applications of the proposed structure.