A Comprehensive Design for a Manufacturing System using Predictive Fuzzy Models


  • Abbas Moshahedi
  • Nasrin Mehranfar2


Today, the design factors of manufacturing systems are still an active research topic and the predictive models are highly interested by the scholars. Design and manufacturing costs are some of the key issues for determining the competitive product in the global market. During current research a guideline to estimate mechanical cost of developing and manufacturing processes presented. The anticipated equation embeds both engineering factors and cost management contributors that could be applied to estimate, predict, control, and reduce costs. Applicable cost factors have been determined by designers using any suitable method for weighing and ranking in the related industries. The cost design model has been established by comparing the target cost of design and design real cost. The target cost of design should be experimentally nominated based on the product’s cost and profit in the context. The manufacturing cost-based design cost forecasting model then validated using an effective fuzzy statistical method. The proposed model creates economical manufacturing of an affordable design in line with the design capability for manufacturing in terms of cost & price.