Green reverse supply chain management with location-routing- inventory decisions with simultaneous pickup and delivery


  • Fatemeh Taknezhad
  • Mahmoud Vahedi



The consideration reverse flows in the supply chain management is highly attended recently. The supply chain network (SCN) design for the reverse logistics leads to a high interest in environmentalism and sustainability. Moreover, an efficient SCN must made decisions on vehicle routing with pickup and delivery, location of centers, and inventory status in addition to the goals of the cost reduction and greenness of the SCN. With an introduction of the perishable products, the design of green reverse SCN and the mentioned decisions as a location-routing-inventory model is contributed to this research. The proposed model minimizes the total costs of chain and lost demands simultaneously and uses a fuzzy multi-objective solution approach. As far as we know, the concepts of reverse supply chain with location-routing-inventory model and simultaneous consideration of pickup and delivery activities have been used for perishable products among the first studies. The proposed model’s efficiency has been assessed using a bread production and distribution chain in Alborz province. Finally, the results show that the proposed model is applicable and efficient for the presented case study.