A routing and scheduling problem in offshore logistics management with time windows and different ships


  • Mahmoud Vahedi
  • Fatemeh Taknezhad




Nowadays, the economic impacts of offshore logistics are highly joined with optimization models and algorithms. The role of maritime transport with optimized routes and a valid scheduling for ships in ports can improve the performance of offshore logistics in real setting. This paper provides a new application and extension to the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows (VRPTW) for offshore logistics. This study considers an applicable case in container terminals for different ships. The proposed model as a mixed integer non-linear programming approach provides some merits in the literature with simultaneous consideration of the routes for different ships with different properties and the time windows in order to minimize costs. The proposed model is solved by an exact solver by using LINGO software and because of inherent complexity of problem proposed in the real-world cases, the Genetic Algorithm  is used to find an optimal/global solution in a reasonable time. Finally, an in-depth analysis and discussion is provided to conclude the main findings and practical implications of the results. The outputs confirm the applicability and efficiency of GA as it can achieve the near-optimal solutions in comparison with the exact solver and encourage further development of the proposed model in real-world applications.