Study of Garlic transformation new poetry and literature in the contemporary history of Iran


  • Mina Shirvani



Objective: Persian poetry in the late fifth century methods and early sixth century by a bunch of poets took their own style that has been the importance is that by maintaining the methods in masters and the start of the period in the ancient period accents abandoned as a result of public sexual intercourse with Arabic language than the fourth and fifth century gross-related results, it was spoke. Methodology: In addition to this, more than any poet their precedence over the terminology of the scientific and technical poems in the implementation of its extensive information and mathematical sciences and philosophical expression in there to use low English poetry brought to new. In addition to parts and build was filled and also has a reputation for skill and short. Results: European style university education and content courses, study and work in the area of women in society, rampant nationalism and waning of religion, and culture through American Sign commodities can be named. Conclusion: Poetry - the natural history of classical Persian poetry - that one of the ways to express feelings, emotions and human imagination with new ideas, the new body, crystallized, and established his literary heritage is an integral part of the language.