Studying the Importance and Application of the "Tradition" Viewpoint in The Islamic Law Based on The Viewpoint of Imam Khomeini (RA) In the Book Of "Tahrir Ol-Wasilla"


  • Mohammad Ali Ghaderi
  • Mahdi Mahdavi Panah



Objective: The view of the community in Islamic jurisprudence is one of the important foundations for the interpretation and enforcement of verdicts. To the extent that, without considering it, extraction and explanation of many of the sentences will not be possible. Methodology: Among contemporary scholars, "Imam Khomeini (RA)" is one of the greatest and most famous scholars of Islam in the present era; and his important work, titled "Tahrir al-Wasilla", is the most important source of research and awareness of his views. Results: In this article, while trying to refer to the place of the tradition in the teachings of Islam, the use and significance of the "tradition" in the book "Tahrir al-Wasilla" is to be considered. Conclusion: One of the most important sources for studying the uses of the tradition is the book of Tahrir Al-Wasilla, which is written by the renowned contemporary jurisprudent, Imam Khomeini.