Investigating the Relationship between Stress Coping Styles and Attitude toward Suicide in Adolescents


  • Reza mirzaei rad
  • Narges Mirani Sergazi
  • Mohadeseh ordoni


Healthy jokes are one of the best ways to cope with life's pressures.The humor is relieved or prevented by accepting the fleeting self-esteem of a hidden desire,which creates pleasure or happiness,while at the same time alleviating the anguish that often manifests the miracle of a wish. Sudden release of tension,pleasant surprise Bring it.However,the unconscious root of one's stress changes somehow in a joke,which is often not uncomfortable.The research method was descriptive-survey. The statistical population of this study included all teenage girls and boys of Zahedan in the academic year of 2019and the sample was selected by randomĀ­ sampling method&using Cochran formula which was270people.The standardized questionnaires used for data collection included Andrews & Parker Stress Coping Strategies Questionnaire(1990) and Humorous Styles Questionnaire of Martin et al.(1988).Spss25 software was used for data analysis.In this study,the demographic status of the subjects was examined by age and gender.According to the descriptive statistics,among the dimensions of stress coping styles,the highest mean was related to problem-oriented style and among the dimensions of humor styles,the highest mean was related to self-destructive style.The results of the data analysis confirmed all the existing hypotheses and showed that there is a relationship between coping styles and humor styles in Teenagers.