A Review of Factors Affecting Human Resource Efficiency


  • Abbas Chelladavan Naragh Branch, Islamic Azad University
  • Mohammad Heydari Naragh Branch, Islamic Azad University




The improvement of management functions and procedures of human resources in public sector is a continuous and constantly evolving process. From the public officials the citizens and society require effective work in providing public services to the population. In comparison with the private sector, a lower efficiency in public sector is still noticeable in the world. The efficiency of state and municipal authorities depends not only on the education, competence and abilities of public officials. The efficiency of human resources motivation system has a significant impact on the effectiveness of state and municipal authorities. Methodology: For the purposeful work results of the administration offices of human resources, it is important to analyze not only the existing functions and procedures, but also to investigate the factors that affect the motivation of human resources in performing the functions and procedures effectively. Results: The purpose of this article is to perform the motivation factors analysis of human resources in order to enhance the effectiveness of existing administrative functions and procedures. Conclusion: For the realization of the intended purpose, a methodological triangulation is applied: the analysis of scientific literature, comparative and systematic analysis, synthesis and qualitative research methods, analysis of documents.


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