Strengthen the Mission Statement of Start-up, Improving the Customer Value Proposition in the Business Model


  • Hossein Nikbeen Ph.D. of Entrepreneurship, University of Applied Science and Technology Lecturer



The purpose of this study is to improve the customer value proposition in the business model of start-up companies, as today's companies are facing problems in differentiating valuable proposition to their customers. The survival of any organization depends on a unique reason and goal that is evident in the mission statement of the organizations. In fact, the mission statement provides a concise, yet accurate, answer to the question of “what is our business”? An appropriate customer value proposition requires alignment among the interests of all stakeholders, and therefore, we see its increasing improvement, especially in companies that requires fast entry into the market, innovation and providing a better experience for customers. The present study is a descriptive and applied research which is conducted with review approach to identify the factors and elements of the mission statement of start-up companies. The factors and elements of the organization's mission statement include the needs of customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, society and consideration of the goods and services, non-financial goals, values ​​and start-ups vision that enhancing them, can lead to improved value proposition in the business model. Finally, scientific and practical recommendations was proposed at the end of the paper to improve the customers’ value proposition in order to strengthen each of the factors and elements in the business model, which considering them in start-ups, can increase customer satisfaction and competitive advantage resulted from the customer value proposition.