Ranking the Factors Affecting the Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in the Office of Supreme Leader by Using Hierarchical Process (AHP)


  • Behcet Oznacar
  • Yucehan Yucesoy




Today's organizations need the knowledge and resources to manage their organization and human resources in order to achieve success and power of competition. If these organizations can use their enterprise resources and succeed in implementing them, they can achieve competitive advantage and growth. Therefore, due to the role and importance that the implementation of enterprise resource planning has in the goals and excellence of organizations, this study was conducted to investigate the factors affecting the successful implementation of ERP systems and their importance and ranking in relation to the office of Supreme Leader. To achieve this goal, 110 questionnaires were distributed among experts and finally 76 questionnaires were returned. Then ranking was performed based on data from these remaining 76 questionnaires. This study was applied objectively and a questionnaire was used for data collection. This study was performed by AHP method. The results indicate that project management has the highest priority and communication has the lowest priority among the factors affecting the implementation of enterprise resource planning.