Factors affecting consumer acceptance of mobile banking in Tejarat Bank in city of Karaj, Iran


  • Mostafa Hadigol
  • A. Kolobandy




Objective: The growth in mobile phone usage in the last decade has been pretty amazing. Today, for most people mobile phones are a necessity. So that you have to carry them wherever you go. Mobile technology has changed commercial and business behaviors of mobile users. Methodology: Commerce via mobile is a business solution nowadays and has led to a change in existing businesses. Among these services, is mobile banking. It should be said that mobile banking is one of the primary components to help expansion of business operations using mobiles. The main objective of this study is to investigate factors influencing the adoption of mobile banking services by customers and testing six hypotheses. Results: The present research is casual by method and nature, survey by implementation, and practical in purpose. The population in this study, customers are Tejarat Bank city customers in Karaj in the year 2015.Sh. To achieve objectives of the research, 384 questionnaires distributed among the bank customers and then analyzed. In this study all considered assumptions confirmed. Conclusion: Finally, it can be said that mobile phone services can lead to creation of comparative advantage and an acceptable profitability compared with other banks’ services.