Offering a model based on the TAM for mobile banking reception in Iran


  • Mostafa Hadigol
  • A. Kolobandy



Objective: Nowadays the impact of information technology in different sectors of society including banking, is inevitable. By increasing access to smart phones, using mobile banking as one of the new electronic banking services, is expanding. Methodology: While adoption of mobile banking services has accelerated in many parts of the world, customers in Iran pay little attention to these services, and despite of the availability, isn't used properly. Results: Researches about influencing factors of users' decision to adopt technology shows that the success of an investment in information technology field depends on the user's tendency level in using it. In recent decades, according to the advancement of information technology and its users, several models in the field of technology adoption emerged that each of these models have different functions in different areas. Conclusion: In this article, first we review these models then, we survey the factors influencing on the adoption of mobile banking in Iran and finally, we offer a model for the development of mobile banking reception in Iran, according to TAM model.