The trend of making cultural transformation in the community in terms of communication and according to the religion teaching


  • Mohammad Alizadeh
  • Sahebeh Mohammadian Mansoor



Objective: In order to achieving the development, at first, we must be precisely defined this concept and identify its purpose. For preparing development path, it is essential a cultural transformation in the community. We have to understand the process of cultural transformation, at first, investigated to the experiences of the impact of communications technology on the culture field. Methodology: If communication initially cause a convergence wave in accordance to the opposition between social advantage and individual benefits, whatever decision makers carry out toward the dissemination of aim, public acceptance would gained, otherwise the communication project would be useless. In trying to create such a wave, the monotheism word recognition and fostering breath ethical aspects are two steps that between social interests and material interests of individuals establish unity and harmony. Transformation of Society would occur following the unity and harmony of the people world, the ideas world and the objects world with each other and with the aim of collection. In the most widespread of spiritual mode, the traits are under the control of the soul and all forces in society have the transcendental movement.  Results: With the fading of spiritual, the traits are dominated by wisdom, all forces are not on the move and their moving parts, as well as overall, is not in the transcendental. With the loss of spiritual, the traits dominated by instincts are torn of together and becomes dominant individualism, this is the same situation that history calls it the era of decadence. Conclusion: Of course, evolution, fertility and its compatibility with social-economic environment of contemporary period requires much time and effort. This researcher, while visiting the books, articles, magazines and journals that was somehow related to the issue, he is collecting literature and theoretical foundations in this context and then is used the method of inductive research.