Studying Cultural Management Quality Services and Client Character


  • Ali Akbar Ahmadi
  • Esmaeil Zakaria
  • Abouzar Jamshidi Taghabi



Objective: In spite of the fact that our country is rich in culture and education. And the absence of the right to organize and the facilities available and the contrast between the organization and the individual, I've started to do this. Methodology: This paper questionnaire in both Mahak and Shohadaye Tajrish Hospital, the hospital was distributed to 150 for both. This is a descriptive survey and a qualitative research and the research of qualitative methods, operational research and SPSS software for the rest of the data used in this study the validity of 0.968 and assumptions by stating that the relationship between culture and personality of individuals with regard to the comparison of the samples were obtained. Results: The impact of culture on personality and vice versa in the case of low culture, the relationship between the photographs was created, that the use of the minimum indicated in the third world countries.  Conclusion: Due to the sensitive sampling and observations and interviews conducted, it creates a culture of service and respect. And proper and efficient use of resources in order to promote human dignity and social development creates. Culture has a direct impact on services and other sectors of society, and, if the foundation is not adversely affect the integrity of its components related to it.