Relationship between quality of employees work life (QWL) and customer delight management (CSM) (Case Study line units SSO)


  • Nahid Khazaei Islamic Azad University of Khomeinishahr, Khomeinishahr Branch



This study aimed to investigate the relationship between quality of employees work life (QWL) and customer delight management (CSM) of Social Security system. Methodology: Research sample were hospital personnel in Tehran SSO) line units and their clients foe selecting population use random sampling and Method of data collection is Cochran formula. Data collected by the research questions and T- test, Friedman and regression test. Results: Results of t-student test and regression showed positive and significant relationship between the components of proposed management of customer delight with the quality of employee work life. The above results indicate the appropriate variables compensation to employee’s fair, safe and healthy working conditions, social cohesion in the organization, individual rights, creating organizational commitment and skills of learning is directly related to customer delight. Conclusion: Results of Friedman and beta test standard, show priority ranking of the components of quality of working life in creating customer delight as follows:  Using the skills of learning and changing priorities in order to preserve the individual rights of employees, good fair pay, social cohesion in organization, creating organizational commitment and safe working conditions is effective. For employees in customer delight. 


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