Critical on Unity Has to Tangible and Fantasies to Mental thoughts the rule Wise and reasonable


  • Mohammad Reza Rezaei Rad University of Qom
  • Mohammad Zabihi Professor at the University of Qom and Tehran



In discussing rational and reasonable Union Mulla Sadra has tried to Union sensible and understandable terms and with a reasonable concept of existence, there is much doubt that it would seem. Although Mulla accepted the professorship and the way the Union has elaborated, but he cannot have an explicit rule above Taken from the worlds of being rational or example In the philosophical interpretation. Methodology: He has to prove it There is also the fact that the world is And the tangible world of fantasy Of course, not the fantasy world of tangible and existential, which is attached to it, But also in the worlds that promise so great, especially Avicenna, which are formed due to the retreat, Because if this combination of concepts, and the concepts of abstraction based on the concept of meaning is not required, We cannot explain the meaning of the union of the soul with concepts. Results: There is a mix between the most basic concepts Despite the fact that most strange is true, The concept is great for the soul can unite with all human concepts, And so the site can be a clear expression of our self-Union, As the names and attributes of the right to have The bridge between the present and the nature of the work. Mulla is still breath taking, who knows no concept The starting point is the concept of tangible and dream, The starting point should be self-concept also considers reasonable, While any discussion because in unity there is no difference between the levels of perception, Their perceptions of the type being considered as Mulla Sadra, And in each of those perceptions to the point of passing out. Conclusion: Even in the actual sense because the mind body connection and the probability of error in a rational and reasonable Union exists, When in such a situation cannot be properly used to make the connection the union of the soul with sensible and imaginative ideas what to do.  


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