Study the relationship between dropout and delinquency among social welfare - supported family in Shahrekord, Iran - statistical society of province organization of social welfare


  • Sajjad Elahi Islamic Azad University Shahrekord Branch
  • Nader Pour Arshad Islamic Azad university of Sharekord
  • Mojtaba Pirooz Islamic Azad University Esfahan Science and Research and Research



Crime and delinquency are the clearest types of deviation. Felony is an action which is law-breaking and requires lawful punishment and delinquency refers to criminal actions done by the teenager. Methodology: The present study was done aiming at examine the relationship between dropout and delinquency in social welfare- supported family in Shahrekord, Iran. A sample comprising of 214 subjects was chosen in Morgan sampling method to complete the related questionnaire. Results showed that. Results: There is a relationship among effective internal and external factors on personality, social economical, cultural, family elements and delinquency in Shahrekord, Iran. Conclusion: Results show that having community morality, negative thought about each other, confidence among citizens, social interaction, social participation and participation in healthy recreational programs with family are among the most important indices of effective social factors on couple delinquency. 


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