Take a look at the issue of power of attorney in marriage


  • Mohammad Reza Fatemi


 In some countries, marriage is considered a completely voluntary and personal matter, and the will ‎to marry must be declared by the parties. However, in cases such as travel, war, or similar issues, it ‎is possible that the woman herself and the man is not able to attend the marriage assembly and ‎express his will in the marriage. Therefore, it is necessary to provide conditions for such persons to ‎have the necessary opportunity to conclude the marriage contract and a person on their behalf or ‎power of attorney. Be able to conclude a marriage for them. For this reason, in this article, we ‎intend to examine the issue of advocacy in marriage, first we will explain the concept of advocacy ‎in marriage, and then we will examine the realm of advocacy in marriage and its various forms‏.‏