An Investigation into Teacher Assessment Literacy (TAL) of Learners’ Writing Developments: Impact on Learners’ Writing Achievments and Implications for Teacher Development


  • Vahid Norouzi Larsari


‏ The present study examined teachers’ assessment literacy (TAL) and its effect on their present assessment practices and learners’ writing developments. The study sought to gain a better comprehending of the extent to which teachers’ assessment literacy affects their practices and their learners’ learning. In order to conduct the present study and collect the required data, the researchers employed teachers’ assessment literacy inventory. The method of the study is based on Qualitative method.  The findings of the study demonstrated that teachers’ assessment literacy has a statistically significant effect on learners’ writing developments and teachers’ assessment awareness leads teaching environments into effective and motivated assessment design. These findings of the results suggest educators considering teachers’ assessment awareness in their teacher education programs. It was found that the effects of teacher assessment literacy (TAL) has strong effect on the writing developments. That is to say, teacher assessment literacy (TAL) has a significant effect on the enhancement of the writing ability by learners.