Investigation of turbulent fluid flow in the presence of a magnetic field induced dynamic motion of the vessel


  • Alireza Salimi Rikani


‏ The purpose of this study is to investigate and numerically simulate the turbulent flow of a nanofluid in a channel with a magnetic field. In this research, by drawing the geometry of the studied vessel and applying the specifications of nanofluids in MHD conditions, channel and vessel modelling in Fluent software will be done. According to the results, it can be seen that in the outer wall after branching, the shear stress in all models and in both branches is reduced. Also near the branches, more irregularities of flow lines were observed on the outer wall of both branches.  Considering that low shear stress, current separation, rotational and irregular flow cause plaque deposition and clogging of the vessel, we conclude that the outer wall is more prone to clogging after branching in all models.