Reviews performance Suppliers in the analysis and optimization of supply chain with fuzzy parameters


  • Shima Nvdary



Objective: Dynamic and changing environment consists ruling today has created a highly competitive environment, so that organizations require for survival and the success of new methods and efficient in all aspects of their work. Methodology: Therefore, supply chain management, as one of the factors contributing to the quality of performance, special attention has been drawn. Since the quality of the final product is heavily dependent on raw material suppliers of the product and efficiency, proper operation of the supply chain will be the suppliers to guarantee stability. The aim of this study was to evaluate the performance of suppliers in the analysis and optimization of supply chain with fuzzy parameters. Results: This article was descriptive and data were collected through newspapers and a library. The results of this study showed that the choice of reliable suppliers as well as the use of fuzzy parameters and optimizing the supply chain improves. Conclusion: The results showed that the combination of Parameter fazy and reliable suppliers for better functioning supply chain.