Engineering Education Reform; Thinking Globally, Acting Locally


  • Hossein EbrahimiNejad
  • Hoda Ehsan
  • Sorour Mirkiani



Objective: With the fast growth of technology globally, the need for more talented and skilled engineers across the world have also increased. But, what makes an engineer talented and skilled? What should be the goal of engineering education? Methodology: As engineering educators and engineering education researchers, how can we foster those engineers? When is the best time to start educating our future engineers? In order to address the global need, we should answer the questions mentioned above. Answering these questions requires knowing how engineering education community across the world are addressing this need. Results: In this position paper, we seek to answer these questions by reflecting on what we know about engineering education based on our experience of working in a developed country and the knowledge we gained during this time. Conclusion: At this point, we would like to invite all the members of this community to start the conversation of reform in engineering education as soon as possible. We need to start identifying the needs of our industry, plan to diversify engineering education, plan to design and create engineering programs for younger students, plan to educate teachers and engineering students for teaching young children, and plan to modify engineering programs in higher education. Although these research are not enough but can be a start point for collaboration.