Identification and Ranking effective factors in creating creativity and innovation in relation to market


  • Reza Hallajian Esfahani
  • Esfandiar Doshman Ziari
  • Mohammad Sadegh Ziaei



Objective: The present study sought to identify And Rating Setting up Factors Effective create creativity And Innovation the door Relationship with Market has been. On the other hand, a descriptive exploratory research method is considered as an applied object. Methodology: For this reason, by reviewing the literature and interviewing the experts using the Delphi method, firstly identify the index. ­ This was done by the indicator Research in three dimensional issues the force Work, personality Organizational and structure process was developed that, according to the identified sub-criteria in each dimension, designed the questionnaire and verified its validity and reliability. According to the questionnaire's collection, cluster sampling ­ O single stage ­ Available from a sample of 145 people working in the office (with a history of 3 years and older) to use network analysis to prioritize the following criteria in each dimension. Results: according to the results of Next Force Business factors included a "train-the-job" with the highest coefficient of 0.275 weight and component " Acceptance Technology " with Coefficient Weighing 0.148, Has The least Level Coefficient Impact, in terms of organizational character of "virtual teams" with the highest impact factor of 0.339 weight factor "product design" weighted by a factor of 0.033, the lowest level impact factor are identified, as well as the structural components of the operating process "architecture based on decentralized" weighing 0.361 highest impact factor and component of "automation and information Technology" weighted by a factor of 0.172, the lowest level impact factor were obtained. Conclusion: Finally, according to the comparison results of the analysis of the network of the topsis that according to the results obtained in both techniques characters organizational issues of the work and structure of the process respectively, as the options were weighed obtained in TOPSIS respectively 0.580527, 0.32697 and 0.10225, respectively the weights in the network process of respectively 0.552699, 0.31458 and 0.132721, respectively.