ISIS Crimes under International Criminal Law


  • Alireza Millanei
  • Fatemah Nikniya



Objective: Paying attention to the global and regional security with planners, officials, and activists in the global system is of great importance. Meanwhile, lawyers involved in the legal instruments can play an important role in maintaining security. However, security has long been the main concerns of the people of this concern today are the way to global demand. Methodology: Isis is one of several terrorist groups in the region that is today known by his growing up is becoming a global threat and it is important that lawyers, legal review is somewhere in the. With this approach, we study the issue of "crimes Isis In the light of international criminal law, "that if we work on the basis of our analysis we have in the final section. Results: International Criminal Court must be based on justice, politics and engage in establishing order and security, it is inevitable that the human rights violations to justice and to the rights of victims of crimes Isis that they used to support terrorist acts hand. Conclusion: Researcher intends to pass this article to find answers to the following questions: 1. What is the nature and purpose Isis crimes and crimes is the competent authority to deal with this? 2. What are measures and proceedings ruling on ISIS crimes in the international arena?