The Ethics and Culture of Work from a Cultural Perspective

Rasoul Zarchini, Mohammad Reza Rask, Ali Mirghaderi


Although work ethics and culture are not merely sociological expressions, they owe their conceptualization mostly to sociological studies. The concept of work and its ethics as a research issue date back to the classical period of this major at the beginning of 19th century. Some studies conducted in Iran on the concepts of work ethics and culture with partially particular conceptual mixture. The present study aims at answering this question that whether conducted studies on the work ethics and culture have been able to show a real sociological approach on such cultural affairs based on the field or not? In order to answer this question, a number of the most important scientific-research articles which have investigated this matter with a sociological approach, analyzed through content analysis method. On the other hand, the concepts used in the literature of this study have been more clarified. The analyses on these researches showed a kind of unkindness to sympathetic and Iranian native culture-oriented methods, also analyses show the lack of enough attention to individuals’ agency in selecting and rational action in activities related to work.

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