The Impact of the Islamic Lifestyle in the New Social Environment

Mohammad Mahdi Moayer, Mohammadreza Rask, Ali Mirghaderi


The twenty first century is the age of media domination, the age of novel, tradition-breaking experiences for people. These controversial experiences put humans in a state of uncertainty and doubts which have affected their way of life and transformed it dramatically. This new era has brought its own new and necessary concepts such as lifestyle which could not be understood like this in the past. Being religious is also another concept in recent ages which has taken a special feature due to transformation of social dimension and expansion of different options in front of people to choose from. Being religious in the new era is the appropriate lifestyle for this age and its requirements. Choosing different options in life on the basis of religious values, which is Islamic ones in our country, is a very important issue and must be considered carefully. The main problematic of this research is: what is religious or Islamic lifestyle? And how can we have and define religion and lifestyle side by side in a way that their combination would not seem odd or out of place? The answer to these questions can be observed in this article according to the views of sociologists and philosophers such as Simmel and Dilthey.

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