Comparison Coagulant Performance of Chloroferric and Polyelectrolyte (LT25) in Removing Organic Materials Turbidity in Raw Water Resources of Ardabil Treatment Plant

Pooriya Rafiee


Suspended and colloidal impurities in the water that cause color, odor, and taste are offensive in water, the necessary water treatment doubled. Therefore, coagulation and flocculation is used to remove them. One of the most important material is ferric coagulant in water treatment processes. To improve the performance of different coagulants from coagulant aid can be used. Given that the raw water surface water treatment plant Ardabil via funded and organic pollution load is high, the aim of this study was possible to remove more organic material biological contamination of raw water resource treatment plant is Ardabil to compare the performance of contract of polyelectrolyte LT25 with ferric chloride as a coagulant aid with ferric chloride as well as performance, the removal of organic contamination of ferric chloride and polyelectrolyte coagulant LT25 was used. To determine the amount of coagulant required and the optimum pH for coagulation practice jar test was used. The results of these studies as well LT25 polyelectrolyte coagulant aid compared with ferric chloride coagulant indicated as a polyelectrolyte LT25 reduces settling time and pH reduction was Fluke.



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