The Impact of Empirical Marketing on Customer emotions of Foreign Sports Brands selected in Tasikmalaya

Diana Purwandari, Mahruzal -, Aidilla Fitri, Farida -


Introduction & Objective: Nowadays, brands are seeking to retain and attract customers and inevitably offer products to them and use methods that increase their satisfaction. On the other hand, the topic of customer emotions is considered the interested topics of researchers because it can be the factors that may have an impact on sales. According to the newness of the empirical marketing and the lack of sufficient research in this field in Indonesia especially in the field of sports marketing and in order to fill the existing gap, the purpose of the present study is to evaluate empirical marketing on customer emotions and satisfaction of foreign sports brands selected In Tasikmalaya. Methodology: The research population is customers of sport brands in Tasikmalaya and the statistical sample was the customers of four selected brands, Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Puma. Sample numbers 349 were calculated using software and sample size was obtained. Random sampling and research tool were standard questionnaire of Tsaur 2007 and data processing has been performed through PLS software. SPSS22 was used in the descriptive statistic section. Discussion & Conclusion: The results showed that empirical marketing structure affected emotions variable as well as emotions structure affected satisfaction variable at 99% confidence level. So, emotions are one of the cases that accompanied with customer satisfaction in empirical marketing and managers need to take a deeper look at the emotions.

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