Investigating Domestic Tourists' Satisfaction from Pahlevani and Zourkhaneh Rituals

Salim Akyurek


Tourism is a dynamic industry with social, economic and cultural impacts for communities. Today, countries are moving towards more sustainable forms of tourism to be able to help to preserve their environment, culture and authenticity in addition to economic benefits. The present research is applied in terms of type and in terms of method is quantitative and in terms of purpose is descriptive survey. The main purpose of this study is to investigate the domestic tourists' satisfaction from the observance of Pahlevani and Zurkhaneh rituals. Results show that Baku has the capability to diversify cultural tourism with orientation towards tourism of intangible heritage and Pahlevani and Zurkhaneh rituals, because it is faced with high satisfaction of tourists visiting Zurkhaneh and on the other hand, the infrastructure of this kind of intangible heritage is provided.

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