The relationship between knowledge management and employee education knowledge in Power Distribution Company of Golestan province

Maryam Hesami, Samira Soheili Rad


The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship between knowledge management and education, knowledge in Power Distribution Company in Golestan province.  Methodology: The objective of the research is applied and the method of data collection, descriptive and correlational study which was conducted in 1392. The research method is a survey and questionnaire. In this study to measure knowledge of inventory management, and to measure education, education, knowledge is knowledge of the questionnaire. 320 of the population and the sample size was 175 people. SPSS software to analyze the data using the Pearson correlation coefficient was used.  Results: The results of the minor ones also showed that between components of knowledge management (harvesting, refining, organization, dissemination and application), there is a significant and positive relationship with the education of knowledge workers.  Conclusion: The results of research (translation) helper method "knowledge management, knowledge organizations and knowledge workers" in line with the results of this paper suggest that knowledge workers today are designed for enterprise business processes.


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