Investigating effect of transformational leadership on employees' and administrators' satisfaction of telecommunication general department of district 3

Mohammad Hossein Vafadar Moghadam, Mahmood Mohammadi, Ghasem Ali Bazaey


This study aims to investigate effect of transformational leadership on employees' and administrators' satisfaction of telecommunication general department of district 3. To this end descriptive correlation study was conducted.  Methodology:  The population of this study consists of all 465 employees and administrators of telecommunication general department of district 3.  Using simple random sampling and Cochran sampling formula 211 people were selected as sample. To collect data the researcher used questionnaire by Bass and Avoilo's leadership style, and Smith et al job satisfaction questionnaire. The validity of both questionnaires was approved by experts.  The questionnaire reliability was measured by using Cronbach's alpha coefficient. Results: It showed that reliability of transformational leadership was 0.80, employees' satisfaction was 0.82. To analyze the data descriptive and inferential methods (one- sampled and stepwise regression) were used. Conclusion: The results of this study indicated that transformational leadership and its all variables (Idealized influence, intellectual stimulation, inspirational motivation and individualized consideration) have effect on on employees' and administrators' satisfaction of telecommunication general department of district 3. Regression results showed that transformational leadership's components – idealized influence and intellectual stimulation can predict employee satisfaction in telecommunication general department of district 3.


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