Study the relationship between customer satisfaction and trust and return to medical centers by patients (Iraqi health tourists at Imam Reza hospital)


  • Allahbakhsh Abdoli
  • Parisa Bahmani



Objective: The population of this research managers and experts are active in Iran's automotive vehicle at the time of the study were 230 patients. Experts confirmed the content validity of the questionnaire academia and industry, to get the reliability, Cronbach's alpha coefficient has been obtained Cronbach's alpha reliability 86/0. Methodology: The method of analysis in this study will change the strategic management of knowledge in supply chain management by using models and methods such as SWOT green and fuzzy TOPSIS method, as a useful way to resolve conflicts and guiding managers to find the best way, we find. In fact, the traditional strategy of today's supply chain environment characterized by increased economic pressure and environmental responsibility on behalf of shareholders, not to work properly. Results: The aim of this study is the proper approach in order to intensify or modify a green supply chain strategy, supply chain strategies based on environmental, economic and social. Conclusion: After data analysis using descriptive statistics were the best strategy for the company's strategy ST (Aggressive) that prudent growth strategies or development with the participation of Iranian director Khodro discretionary and selective suggested.